The Fenway Park scoreboard gave The Captain some serious RE2PECT today.


desperate for work after having been released of his contract with the boston bruins, Brad Marchand is wandering when he suddenly sees a “Help Wanted” sign at his local pool. Excitedly he enters the building, only to be let down quickly. Turns out the he’s not the kind of diving instructor they’re looking for. Hang in there Brad, hang in there.


*sees ur dick outline in ur jeans* free him 



Ladies, and gentlemen, this is the captain. If you look out the right side of the aircraft you will notice flight 195 challenging us to a race.

please put on your seat belts because it’s about to get raw as hell up in this bitch *sound of plane diving*

Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions. Once you’re done tag 10 followers.

I was tagged by @demkos

1. Title of the first song you land on describes how you die: fireworks, tragically hip

2. Second song will describe your love life: doncha bother me, rolling stones

3. Third song will be playing at your wedding. What is it? Lithium, nirvana

4. Add “in my pants” to the title of the fourth song: thats all right right in my pants, elvis presley

5. Fifth song will be playing at your funeral, what is it? Fairytale, sara bareilles

6. Sixth song is your theme song: going mobile, the who

7. Seventh song will play when you think of someone you love: chagrin falls, tragically hip

8. Add ‘with a shovel and a screwdriver’ to the title of your eight song: maybe not with a shovel and a screwdriver, cat power

9. Ninth song will describe your week, what is it? Rain king, counting crows

10. Tenth song will play when you miss someone, what is it? Bon-y-aur-stomp, led zeppelin

I nominate anybody who wants to do this!


No sugardaddies. No sugar mamas. No sugarbabies. Full socialism in romantic relationships. There are only sugarcomrades.

I said bartowski.
Im so sorry.



Matt Bartkowski poops his pants

Shat Bartkowski

Matt Barkowski acts like a little kid

Brat Barkowski

Matt Barkowski gains weight.

Fat Barkowski.

a passionate eye doctor as he throws glasses into a screaming crowd (via richarcl)